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As an international financial center, Hong Kong establishes legal system, simplified taxation system and high quality professionals.

Hong Kong contains infinite opportunities, being the platform leading to the global economics. In recent years, apart from rising beyond its own conditions, Hong Kong also strengthens the economic integration with China, and participates in the large-scale financial intermediation in China's economy. Hong Kong with its inherent advantages, must be able to grasp the opportunities of the rapid development of China's economy in recent years.

As the bridge between China and the world, many clients consider taking Hong Kong Company as the holding company for investment in China, due to the relatively quick procedure and low cost, comparing with the China's company.

Advantage of Hong Kong
  • Multiple financing channels

  • Sound legal system and stable politics

  • Approval professional and organization with high quality

  • Absence of foreign exchange controls that funds can be circulated and foreign currencies can be exchanged and transferred freely

  • Simplified tax system with profits tax at the tax rate of 16.5% in normal, and without other tax like business tax and value-added tax

  • Bridge between China and the world

General Requirements of Set Up Hong Kong Limited Company
  • At least one shareholder and director (Must be over 18 years old, with valid identity card or passport (no restriction on nationality), shareholding more than 25% must registered in the register of significant controllers)

  • At least one Hong Kong permanent resident or authorized Hong Kong Company taking the position of the Legal Secretary of the Company

  • Registered office address in Hong Kong

Ways of Registration and Time to take
WKL provides 2 ways of registration: setting up or purchasing ready-made limited company:
  1. For Setting up Limited Company: use designated company name (requires 10 days or so)
    Please check here for Application Form download
  2. For Purchasing Ready-Made Limited Company: please email or contact us for the List of Ready-Made Limited Company (requires 2 days or so)

Information required for registration
  • Copies of HKID card or passport and address proofs of the shareholders and directors (In case the position of shareholder or director is taken by a Corporation, the copy of certificate of incorporation and business registration certificate shall be provided)

  • Copy of HKID card and address proofs of the Legal Secretary (In case the position of Legal Secretary is taken by a Corporation, Hong Kong Registered address or Business address shall be provided, or WKL can prepare for you if unavailable)

  • Copy of HKID card and address proofs of the designated representative (for preparing the significant controllers register)

  • Registered address of the Company (WKL can prepare for you if unavailable)

  • Business nature of the Company (Less restriction on the nature of business, but Company must not do business like Bank, Insurance or Finance without License)

If you would like to obtain further information on above service, please contact our professionals and we will provide you with free advisory. (852) 2722 0308

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