Services - Accounting
Appointing a professional accountant can help clients to reduce cost and ensure all accounting documents meet the government requirements. Professional can also provide analysis and advice in order to improve company management and overall profitability.

All WKL accountants are professional and experienced, with enough knowledge on accounting and taxation law and regulations. Our accountants have good professional integrity, high standard account management skills, and considerate that by understanding clients' needs to arrange the best legal accounting solutions for the company, which helps to improve the overall performance and allows you to focus on business expansion.

Service includes:

  • Accounting and financial statements preparation including balance sheets and profit and loss statements

  • Taxable profit and loss calculation

  • Cost management, storage management and internal accounting checking system establishment

  • CPA arrangement for auditing

  • Profit tax report filing

  • Response to tax assessment issued by the Inland Revenue Department and reporting to clients

  • Accounting policy evaluation and professional consulting for future tax arrangement provided

If you would like to obtain further information on above service, please contact our professionals and we will provide you with free advisory. (852) 2722 0308

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