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減稅措施 - 賺首200萬利得稅減至8.25%




26 Feb. 2014


Tax measures proposed in 2014-15 Budget

19 July 2013


New levy rate of Business Registration Certificate effective today

5 July 2013


HK, Jersey tax treaty in force

24 May 2013


Order to reduce levy rate of Business Registration Certificate gazetted today


The Business Registration Ordinance (Amendment of Schedule 2) Order 2013 (Order) was gazetted today (May 24) and will be introduced into the Legislative
Council on May 29.

The Order seeks to reduce the levy rate of the Business Registration Certificate (BRC), which finances the Protection of Wages on Insolvency Fund (the Fund),
from $450 per annum to $250 per annum with effect from July 19.

Concomitant with the favourable local economy in recent years, the Fund has recorded a decline in payout for ex gratia payment and a continual improvement
in financial position. Balancing various relevant factors, the Protection of Wages on Insolvency Fund Board (Fund Board) made the proposal to reduce the
levy rate to $250 per annum. The proposal was endorsed by the Labour Advisory Board and has gone through consultation with the Legislative Council Panel
on Manpower.

The new rate will be applicable to (1) business registration certificates to be issued on simultaneous business registration applications if the related
incorporation applications are made on or after July 19 and (2) for other cases, business/branch registration certificates beginning on or after July 19.

The Fund provides to employees whose employers become insolvent an ex gratia payment covering wages, wages in lieu of notice, severance payment and pay
for untaken annual leave and untaken statutory holidays. It is financed by a levy on each BRC or branch registration certificate issued under the Business
Registration Ordinance. The Fund Board has the statutory functions of administering the Fund and making recommendations to the Chief Executive with respect
to the rate of levy.